Everything and Nothing

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Everything and Nothing

A Glimpse into  Everything and Nothing,

She had clearly reached her lowest point. She left school and headed to the library to read and finish up a report that was due before she graduated.  She cried and prayed for this to be over.

"My God, I need You right now. I am so sorry for not trusting and believing in You.  Out of nowhere she was approached by three men and one woman. She screamed! The guy who seemed to be the leader was doing most of the talking. She was not ashamed of what she was going through, but it often bothered her because her family was suffering.   Tenisha’s mom left out of the living room and walked into her bedroom closet. This was her secret place. She would pray and meditate for hours at a time and come out refreshed.   She started walking and talking to herself, “Why me, why my family? What am I doing wrong?”

She had tears in her eyes and butterflies in her stomach. She was stressed, but no one would ever know it.